Southland is an AKC Collie Breeder in Tennessee.

We are located about an hour south of Nashville in the beautiful rolling hills of southern middle Tennessee.
Our Collies enjoy romps in the fields, creeks, and woodlands that are part of Southland's surrounds.

The Southland Collies are known for their classic "Collie expression." The soft sweet eyes and "smile" that melts the heart and captures the soul. We strive to create Collies of timeless and classic beauty, which must include correct balance, breed type and once again "expression," but,
it does not stop there...

The temperament, health, and character of a "Southland" Collie are what have made the Collie a most beloved and
legendary breed for so many years.

Southland is proud to be the home of numerous Specialty and All-Breed winners for the last quarter century.
The great Ch. Southland's Bowen Island ROM was Best of Breed winner at the Collie Club of America National Specialty and has
gone on to be one of the top sires in the history of our breed.

"Bowen's influence" is strong at Southland. His ability to "stamp" correct expression has been a breeder's dream. His sons and daughters are now the basis for the "next generation." We are also proud to be a source for many other breeders as they continue to use Bowen and other Southland sires and dams in their own programs.

In addition to the many achievements in the conformation ring, we are also proud of our puppies that have gone on to excel in the following:
Herding, Agility, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Obedience, Rally, and loving family companions through the years.

Please take a stroll through our site and enjoy your "visit" to Southland.

If you have a question or would just love to chat a little while, please do not hesitate to call.

- Sheela "Mike" Cheatham

Tennessee Breeder of AKC Rough Collies and Puppies in Sable, Blue Merle, Tri Color, and Sable-Merle.

Contact Us:
Sheela "Mike" Cheatham
Petersburg, Tennessee
Phone number: 931-659-9407

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